SLS Mechanical was tasking with providing maintenance to a new client who was using three compressors to run their factory who specialises in milling and crushing

The varying production meant an operator was continuously starting and stopping air compressors during the day depending on the requirements of the mill.

Having all three compressors running at once was a huge expense in energy and if something went wrong with one of the compressors there was no back up to start meaning a loss in production for the client.

SLS mechanical was able to recommend data logging the three compressors and find a better
solution, the results found all three machines could be replaced with one compressor and the
existing compressors could be used as energy standby or for maintenance days.

A New CPVS60PM compressor was installed, the variable speed drive perfectly matches the factory requirements during the day and no operator needs to be swapping machines or worrying about pressure loss, the new compressor output exceeds the three compressors combined ensuring all year-round reliability with a huge reduction in energy required.

The lower maintenance costs are another benefit with only one compressor requiring regular maintenance vs three Adding to the overall savings for our customer