Not sure if your Air Compressor is too large or too small?

SLS Mechanical can provide data logging services to any make and model of air compressor and provide you with a full report and recommendations.

An air compressor that is incorrectly sized can cost your business thousands in electricity and repair costs.

Our data login services find real solutions that are affordable, reliable and accurate.

We have helped our clients save thousands of dollars through our data logging services and compressed air assessment services

No two compressed air systems are the same! We deal with many different industries and with that comes varying compressed air applications, our site assessments look at all aspects of your compressed system and how we can improve it. 

Whether it’s replacing your out-of-date equipment or improving the efficiency and reliability of your current system 

SLS Mechanical is an independent compressed air provider who only works for you!  “The customer ” we don’t have sales targets, our only interest is improvement for our clients and putting money back in your pocket through savings. 

We have a three-step approach to carrying out our site assessments and will help guide you through the process to achieve the best outcome for your operation.

Not convinced or still not sure you need our services? Let us ask you 3 important questions.

Can you hear compressed air leaks if you walk around your factory or workplace? 

In the last 12 months, how often has your current air compressor, air dryer, or drains let you down? Bad Reliability directly results from poor maintenance, installation design, and equipment sizing. 

Have you had any equipment fail in the last five years in your factory from contamination of oil or condensate from your compressed air? Correct filtration, installation & design principles must be followed to protect your equipment. 

Great beginnings start with a