Our customer was using two compressors as Lead / Lag arrangement and running the smaller of the two on the lower production days, which was time-consuming swapping from one machine to the other depending on what production was required for the day, with electrical restrictions onsite both compressors couldn’t be run at the same time or no automation could be used.

SLS Mechanical was tasked with Data logging the two compressors and finding a more energy
efficient option, the perfect solution was to install a new Chicago Pneumatic CPVS20PM In a new location to free up some more workshop space and provide energy savings.


The new interior permanent Magnet CPVS20PM with its VSD Drive has a large turndown, which allows the compressor to run at a higher output on the larger production days and at a lower output on the smaller production days while maintaining a constant system pressure.

Having a full range of output also meant the overall system pressure could be lowered, adding more savings to the customer, now located in a new custom compressor room, a remote start-stop switch was installed to allow the customer more control over when they use their compressor and when to turn it off so no energy is wasted.