SLS mechanical provided a recommendation to a long-term client to replace an ageing air compressor and was able to provide Datalogging services to find the perfect solution

With high running hours the Fixed Speed compair L30 was beginning to shutdown on fault and repairs were adding up to keep the older compressor running.

With accurate Data logging services completed the perfect solution was to install a Permanent
magnet CPVS60PM which is a 45KW VSD included in the package was an integrated Refrigerant Dryer.

To ensure the correct class of compressed air was provided.

Moving up to a 45KW meant the compressor could be used for Dual purposes as a backup supply to the production bottling line and provide Compressed air to the nitrogen generator through a Engineered Pressure regulator system built by SLS Mechanical

The high turndown of the Permanent magnet VSD Drive meant there was no Energy wasted on the lower production days and plenty of output for peak periods.

With higher Ambient conditions onsite the VSD compressor was the perfect solution for all year-round reliability ensuring no loss of production for the Client.

With a stable pressure provided to the N2 generator an Additional 10% of nitrogen was produced allowing for some redundancy in the system for peak production periods.